A settler on free land inNebraska under terms of the Kinkaid Act in 1904 which allowed each bona fide settler640 acres upon payment of a filing fee of 14 dollars.

Kinkaider Brewing Co. Timeline

Kinkaider began as a farm craft brewery located in Nebraska’s heartland. Surrounded by a century of pioneer history, it only seemed fitting to choose a name with tiesto the ambitious Kinkaiders who settled the Broken Bow area.

This is the community's brewery and a place to gather with friends, enjoy some world-class beer and good times. We create beers that will be sure to please about any beer drinker out there and hope-fully convert some non-beer drinkers as well.

Moses Kinkaid
Moses Kinkaid and posse heading to sign the kinkaid act
The militia shows up to keep the peace
Waiting to stake their claim
Dan the Wiser is born

In 1958 a beer-drinking, Harley-riding, ponytail-wearing, hard-working, hops-loving bearded baby boy named Dan was born. He is more than a friend; he is our brother in arms. He’s a legend around our parts, so you’ll understand why we just had to name a beer after him. He is better than a myth, more than a brewmaster. He is “Dan the Wiser.”

Saturday Night Fever Dan
Dan and Alice have been ride or die for decades
Dan the Wiser home brewing
Dan, Barry, Cody & Nate Meet
Branding our first tables
Drilling the well
Our first tank
Our first brew house
Home Brew Club
Our first four beers
First four founders
Broken Bow Folks reppin
Dan's favorite beer fest
Dan the Wiser pumpkin
First barrel aged labels
First beerfest
First Oktoberfest
First 5 packaged beers
First Snow Beast
First Holiday party
First shipment
We Added a Kitchen
We expanded
The people want food + Kitchen
Fight for your right - kill the bill
Rascal and the wiser
Dan and Alice
We take over Nathan detroits
Kinkaider Float Trip
Drunk Dial Dan
Your a Wizard danny
Aliens do exist!
Build a new building to throw parties in! 
We expanded again
2018 christmas party
our lincoln location opens
Our first st patricks day
We are on national tv!
our first beer for the nebraska state fair
We Expand again
Dan and lori
More Tanks
the four founders christmas party
Sideshow Spirits Open
We open our b&B
Omaha Taproom Opens
our lincoln crew
sideshow spirits ciders
our b&b gets a shower fridge
2022 christmas party