February 2022

Snow Beast

Winter Ale

Christmas in a glass! A creamy ale with strong vanilla flavors and aromas. It finishes with a warmth from the alcohol as well as the cinnamon. This is a surprisingly easy drinking beer and perfect for the winter cold.
Malt: Maris Otter, C80, Blackprinz

Hops: Horizon

Food Pairing

A winter warmer beer like our Snow Beast has many spices and flavors that pair well with your favorite desserts. Think light and creamy to contrast and highlight these flavors or heavier to compliment the higher ABV.

- Vanilla ice cream (try making a snow beast float!)

- Peanut butter bars

- Cream filled donuts

- Creamy cheeses like brie





The Legend

The Blizzard of 1949 ravaged the plains. Some say the endless winter awoke the fanged savage. Others say the white furred devil brought it along with him. As if the cold, sickness, and starvation wasn’t enough, folks in these parts had to fear this icy monster. The bright moon and the still, quiet, softness of the fresh fallen powder is deceiving. He attacks and then he’s gone—leaving nothing but giant foot prints and the drag marks of his prey. Beware of the SNOW BEAST!!!