Dragon Juice


Bright, juicy tropical and citrus fruit flavors with an intense hop aroma from Amarillo, El Dorado, and Citra hops give this IPA a smooth, subtle bitterness and clean finish.

Food Pairing

A juicy IPA like this is best paired with similarly fruity food. Think of a fish ceviche with diced mango or a comfy bowl of sweet corn chowder





The Legend

100 years ago, in the northwest part of the sandhills of Nebraska, something lurked in the depths of a quiet lake in a quiet town. Walgren Lake is 100 acres of dark still water where the locals fish, swim, and play. Little did they know something prehistoric, something gargantuan, something dangerous was quietly swimming below their feet, waiting and watching. Even though sightings of the 40-foot monster are extremely rare in recent times, some of the townsfolk still claim this behemoth dwells in its sandy watery abyss to this day.