Herd Law

Honey Wheat Ale

A beautiful golden American wheat ale dosed with honey harvested from hives right off the farm. Herd Law Honey Wheat Ale delivers a fantastic drinking experience that is farm fresh and full circle.

Food Pairing

Wheat beers like our Herd Law Honey Wheat are famously flexible when it comes to food pairings, as their light, crisp, and slightly malty taste pair well with just about anything.

- Sushi and other raw fish dishes like ceviche and tartare

- Dim sum and other light Chinese dishes

- Fish cakes, simply prepared white fish, and seafood like oysters and clams

- Garden fresh salads

- Brunch dishes- try a beermosa mixing a wheat beer with orange juice





The Legend

During a time when wood and water meant life or death, the settlers of the sandhills lived or died by the stock and crop. A battle raged. Herd vs. seed, farmer vs. rancher. The sandy warfare grew in its hostilities as folks came for the free land and the promise of a better life. For some, free came at a high price. A shotgun and pistol went right alongside the shovel and ax.